Hurricane travel… Recommended or not?

Are you curious about my Hurricane Sandy story?

I had a vacation planned for a while to visit my brother and his family. I took vacation days from work. The last thing I wanted was to stay at home. No matter what people say a “staycation” is not a vacation. It’s just time at home where you will end up doing house work.

So, even though there was a hurricane threat, I hopped on a plane to New York. I landed in Newark in the afternoon and grabbed  what turned out to be the last train to Penn Station.

The storm surge arrived with lots of wind, rising water, and general fun times. The storm knocked out the power. So, no lights. No heat (it was cold.). No hot water.

But, I was able to walk to wherever I wanted to go. I walked all over NYC and Brooklyn. I had a great time. On the next to last day of my trip the power came back on. My brother said the hot water took nearly a week to return. I guess those old building have weird plumbing.

In general — No. Don’t travel to a region that is expecting a major storm. It is dangerous. I knew my surroundings. We had a plan to leave if necessary. But, if you find yourself in one — make the best of it and stay alert.

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