Who am I and how did I get to be a successful business owner living the life of my dreams?

Well, let me start by saying – My head was in the way.

My old job was stressful. I responded to it by shrinking into my shell and eating. I gained weight; stopped exercising; and, became a couch potato. I quit that job. Yeah! Then, I lived off my savings for over a year. My only source of income was a part time job that I loved. It eventually became my only source of outside contact.

I had been the caregiver for my mother and lived in her home. When she passed away, we sold her house. I was out of a job and living with relatives.

So, did I start working? No.

I used a big chunk of what money I had and moved across the country. So, I arrived in a new environment.

Did I start working? No. I took the summer off.

Finally, I couldn’t avoid it any longer. I had to begin making a full time income, and quickly. My problem was I was lazy and had become accustomed to being in charge of my own schedule. I didn’t want to work for someone else.

I had been an Isagenix product user for over a year and a half; but,  didn’t follow the system as recommended. I always took the supplements regularly. Then, I began snaking on the IsaDelights and IsaLean Bars instead of the old junk I had been used to eating. I added an occasional shake for breakfast. I focused on smaller meals spaced throughout the day. I lost over 20 pounds in 3 months without really trying. My metabolism evened out. No more highs and lows. I had more energy and focus. I love both the e+ Shots and the Replenish. A natural energy boost with no caffeine jitters!

With my personal experience, I knew the products are outstanding. I even understood how fantastic the compensation plan is.

You+2, Them+2. 

Easy. Simple. Right? Yes. 

But… I had always allowed my insecurity, shyness, and fear to prevent me from talking to people.

What did I do?

I did what all the experts said not to do. I concentrated on training, learning the business, and becoming a product expert. I practiced with my sister, but not with anyone else. Finally, with no real change in my income levels and the date for my being flat broke fast approaching, I had no choice. I had to break free from my old ineffective patterns.

Start talking. Or, else.

I decided what I wanted to be making and set aggressive goals towards achieving them. I even made a recording of my goals and listened to it every day. I posted the goals in my home office for me to see daily. I even told my family my goals. I felt eyes on me every time I wasn’t working on them.

Guess what?

I started to achieve them!

So, my next big goal is to compete in the IsaBody Challenge and to complete the transformation of my life. And, yes, that means actually following the 30 day nutritional cleansing program until I reach my health goals.